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Sportsfield management has become a staple in many of our recent works. Successful field construction have allowed us to dedicate significant time and focus into this area of landscape. Services include sportsfield construction and renovation for institutions, parks, and little leagues. From rye grass to artificial grass, proper construction and installation is done to ensure the durability of the turf through all seasons. Using silica sand and Pro Lineup Products, materials exclusively from Gail Materials, we construct professional grade fields for our clients. We are advocates of building professional quality athletic fields that improve competition play, enhance safety, and reduce field maintenance costs through the lifetime of use.


With the latest technology in grading, we provide precision and accuracy in construction with our lasergrading equipment. Percentage of slopes for field vary depending on the site and sport being played. With lasergrading, fields are constructed and sloped precisely and accurately to within an 1/8th of an inch. Our method goes beyond conventional grading methods, also saving cost in time and labor.

Baseball, Football, & Soccer Fields
In a diverse geographical region, parks and sportsfields constructed in Southern California have to accommodate for changes depending on the area. Soil profiles and types will vary, which are tested and assessed to determine our treatment of the site. All sportsfields are then lasergraded and constructed appropriately to the site and its location.
Synthetic Turf
Save on water and maintenance fees with the installation of synthetic turf. The same process is executed in lasergrading with all fields to construct quality synthetic turf surfaces.


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